Architectural Environments Studio is your complete, professional resource for corporate, retail, liturgical and accessibility designs by a licensed architect, including:

  • Spatial analysis—When you’re looking for a new space, we’ll help you assess your needs and make recommendations as to how well each potential space would fit your requirements.

  • Field Measurements—We accurately measure your space and input the existing measurements into an AutoCAD format.

  • ADA surveys—We’ll help you ensure your space is welcoming, accessible and usable by all employees and guests.

  • Space programming—We’ll create a program that records each type of space you need, the quantity, size, adjacencies to other spaces, as well as physical and corporate goals. This will ensure the space you lease continues to meet your ongoing needs throughout the duration of your lease.

  • Design—This is where your space really begins to take shape. We’ll work with you to create an exact plan until you have an approved design ready for construction documentation.

  • Finish selection—We’ll help you choose and source any finishes from the floor to the ceiling.

  • Furniture selection—We'll coordinate with furniture vendors and help you choose and layout your pieces in your new space. 

  • Construction documentation—You’ll receive a full set of professional documents used for accurate bidding, permits and construction.

  • Bidding—We’ll oversee and coordinate the Bidding Process so you have competitive bids from quality providers.

  • Construction administration—We’ll oversee the entire construction process and take care of all the details so you don’t have to.
No one likes surprises
when it comes to building projects—especially when it involves pricing. That’s why we outline our fee structure in an up front, simple format. You’ll know our fees from the beginning and exactly what they cover, so you won’t be caught off guard by additional charges along the way.

We don’t have the overhead that other architectural companies do. You only pay for the expert services of a licensed architect—not for fancy offices, holiday parties or elaborate marketing campaigns.

Tammy was hired by one of our tenants to produce construction documents for their expansion and relocation. Tammy was very prompt and efficient in producing these drawings and was a pleasure to work with throughout the construction process. It would be a pleasure to work with her again. — Sam D.